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Virtual Conferences

As a result of COVID, many conferences & summits that would normally be conducted at in person venues have gone virtual. Get exposure to higher-level scientific research & network with researchers by taking advantage of these unexpected opportunities!

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Dr Elisabeth Philipps ... A medical cannabis series

Dr Elisabeth Philipps to host a range of topical conversations on medical cannabis. From basic questions about treatment, to further education on condition specific access, we cover off CBD and medical cannabis welcoming a new guest to share their experiences each month.

When: 3/17/2022 @ 6AM-7AM CST

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DWAMSS 'Chat with a Medical Student' Event

Interested in how to become a Doctor, and what it is like to be a medical student? Then come along and speak to current Medical Students.

When: 3/16/2022 @ 12PM - 1PM CST

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Medical Patient Assessment

The Ohio Department of Health, Community Partners, Hennepin Technical College, and the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of AACN invite you to join them for their education webinar series. An enlightening presentation and interactive discussion on “Patient Assessment, the foundation for all treatment ”, by Todd Monroe.

When: 4/6/22 @ 5-6PM CST

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Diagnostic Medical Sonography Information Session

If you are interested in becoming a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, you must attend this session! Learn about Brookdale's affordable, high-quality Diagnostic Medical Sonography program. Meet our highly experienced instructors. Listen to discussions about this career and decide if it is right for you. Learn about the application process for this competitive program.

When: 4/13/22 @ 5-6PM CST

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